Athanasius’ Canon

How we got from Athanasius to inerrancy and why that is a mistake.


The Fallacy of Mysticism

"Indeed the Sovereign Lord never does anything until he reveals his plans to his servants the prophets." Amos 3:7 I was reading this verse this morning, when, something piqued my interest; it reinforced what I had been reading online.  The context of this verse is judgement on Israel 760-770 BC, when a time of gross... Continue Reading →

Family of Two

The Family of Two Are you familiar with the quiver-full analogy, or maybe, the celebrated axiom of children as God’s gift?  In the evangelical church it is widely accepted that the birth of a child in a marriage is God’s blessing to the favored couple.  While scripture eludes to such promises, even testifies considering ancient... Continue Reading →

A Perverted Reform

A Perverted Reform Calvinism has a very long and illustrious history.  John Calvin was a major proponent, champion, and pioneer in the Reformation, even though aspects of his theology split from Luther and Zwingli.  Calvinism, masquerading as “reformed theology,” is fundamentally the same today, barring one major caveat: malignant proselytization.   Oh, its not directed at... Continue Reading →

My Former Church

  I recently attended my old church this past weekend and aside from the deliberate differences in liturgy, it felt like the same old exhortation; a sweeping guilt-laden, confrontational call to action. I suppose, though, I need to start from the beginning; the beginning of a church division. I started to attend this church when... Continue Reading →

Also Known As Pseudonym

  There is a small verse in Acts 1 that is most likely skipped over in preparation for the anticipated "acts" pf the apostles, but is nonetheless strikingly odd. It lays precariously dormant in between two consequential series of verses: induction of discipleship and the intervention of the Holy Spirit.  A rather lazily happy plodding... Continue Reading →

Misconceptions, Worship, and Theology

Guns loaded, aimed, cocked, and fired until every last bullet zips and zings in streams of vitriolic dust.  Much like a classical Clint Eastwood western showdown, the carpeted halls of our sanctuary have become the bloodied landscape of our worship creeds. Like our fathers before us, and their fathers before them, the church and its... Continue Reading →

The Battle for Worship Orthopraxy

Prelude It is probably not a very exciting title, but the intensity to which believer's fight, deems a crude yet reliable moniker.  I have been a worship leader for most of my adult life (20+ years) and have led in mostly evangelical congregations, yet, ranging radically from differing music styles to worship philosophies.  I have... Continue Reading →

Good News?

  Prelude To the aporetic and curious; to the down-trodden and poor; to the broken, cynical, and self-depreciating, I empathize.  Is there anyone like me, stuck in their Christianity, muddling through the suffering of this world, this body, and this mind? I am tired of chasing doctrine, investigating theology, memorizing text, uttering wistful prayers, and... Continue Reading →

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